Do Bees Have Teeth?

Bees don’t have teeth like humans and other animals. Instead, they have a body part that helps them bite and crush called mandibles. The mandibles are the attachments on the bee’s head located at both sides of the mouth. They extend from the head surrounded by a membrane and are firmly supported by articulations. Although …

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Migratory Beekeeping – What Is It And How Does It Affect Bees?

Migratory beekeeping is the practice of moving beehives to different locations to promote the pollination of specific crops. How Does Migratory Beekeeping Work? Plants reproduce when pollen, found in male parts (or male plants), reach the female parts (or plants) and fertilize eggs that turn into seeds. Many plants have both female and male parts, …

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Do Bees Have Ears?

Unlike humans, bees don’t have ears, but they can hear! They do this with the help of a special type of organ, called Johnston’s Organ, which picks up vibrations traveling in the air. Can Bees Hear? Yes, they can! Only they detect sound differently from other animals and us humans. You see, sound occurs when …

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