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Hi, my name is Karen! I began beekeeping in 2016 after reading an article in the local paper about the important role bees play in the environment. I decided to take up beekeeping and got my very first hive.

Since then, I’ve learned a LOT about bees. My little apiary has expanded to 3 hives, my honey has won awards (even if it’s only at my local beekeeping club) and I’ve been published in Grass Roots Magazine where I’ve shared tips on how to get involved in beekeeping.

I started this website with my son Lee, and his partner Laura, who both became interested in beekeeping after seeing my hives (and tasting my honey). We decided to team up and create Busy Beekeeping, a site that teaches people all over the world about bees and how to grow and maintain healthy, happy hives.

We hope you’ll find the information useful – and that you’ll come back for another visit soon!

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