What Is Bee Space?

Bee space refers to the small gaps found within a beehive that allow bees to move around. Typically, bees will leave these spaces free of wax and propolis unless the gaps are too big or small. In a natural hive, bees leave spaces wide enough between sheets of the comb so they can move easily …

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Is Beekeeping Ethical?

The answer to this question depends mainly on what a person considers ethical. Therefore, it can vary significantly depending on who you ask. That’s why I believe there is no definitive answer; however, there are degrees in which beekeeping can be more or less ethical. Beekeeping is ethical, depending on how it’s done. There are …

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Migratory Beekeeping – What Is It And How Does It Affect Bees?

Migratory beekeeping is the practice of moving beehives to different locations to promote the pollination of specific crops. How Does Migratory Beekeeping Work? Plants reproduce when pollen, found in male parts (or male plants), reach the female parts (or plants) and fertilize eggs that turn into seeds. Many plants have both female and male parts, …

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