Chunk Honey: What Is It?

Chunk honey is a unique and eye-catching way to present honey. It’s a piece of capped cells of comb in a jar full of extracted liquid honey. 

Here we’ll answer some common questions people have about chunk honey, including how to make it.

What Is Chunk Honey?

A typical jar of chunk honey contains a piece of honeycomb submerged in liquid honey. The comb in the jar is made up of beeswax and consists of capped cells full of raw honey.

a bottle of chunk honey with a piece of honeycomb on a plate and a jar of raw behind a dipper

Chunk and comb honey are famous for their associations with pureness and being straight out of the hive. Honey preserved in the honeycomb is considered to conserve its flavor and natural properties at its maximum.

Some people also like chunk honey for the novel chewy texture provided by the wax.

In general terms, chunk honey is made by inserting a piece of honeycomb with capped cells into a container and then filling up the jar with liquid honey.

Is It Safe To Eat Chunk Honey?

Yes, you can eat the honeycomb and the honey.

Many people prefer the taste and texture of chunk honey to liquid honey. The comb can be chewed, swallowed, or melted in warm food and drinks like tea.

Beeswax is considered nonpoisonous. However, swallowing large quantities of beeswax may obstruct the intestines as we cannot digest it.

Raw honey is also not recommended for pregnant women and children under 12 months old due to the high risk of botulism.

How To Eat Chunk Honey?

Chunk honey is a type of raw honey that contains capped cells of honeycomb, giving it a unique flavor and texture.

While some people prefer to eat chunk honey straight from the jar, there are several other ways to enjoy itThe most popular options are to spread it on warm toast or add it as a topping to your oatmeal or yogurt.

Chunk honey also goes well on cheese and charcuterie platter for its appealing look and how well the sweetness complements the taste of matured cheese and meats.

Honey, in general, is a versatile product that can be used in many ways – all it takes is a bit of creativity!

How Much Does It Cost?

Preparing a jar of chunk honey is not always easy and requires extra care and time. For this reason, chunk honey is usually more expensive than regular honey. 

You can find a 16 oz jar of chunk honey in the US at around $13-$20.

Where To Buy Chunk Honey

You will likely find chunk of honey for sale at honey and agricultural shows and a farmers market in your area.

There are also plenty of online honey sellers and marketplaces you can get it from.

Here are a few brands I found available on Amazon:

Can You Make Chunk Honey At Home?

If you have access to beehives, you can make chunk honey.

Making chunk honey is more complicated than extracting honey, and it may take a few tries before you get it perfect. However, it can be a fun exercise and make a beautiful and unique gift for your loved ones!

Recommendations Before You Start

Chunk honey is easier to make when you use frames with a wireless foundation as the wires will limit you while cutting the honeycomb pieces.

Prepare the honey super with your frames with wireless foundation sheets so you can insert them into the beehive at the beginning of a nectar flow.

What You’ll Need:

  • A Sharp knife
  • A frame with capped cells of honey
  • Glass mason jar
  • A pot with enough warm water to cover the bottom of your jar.
  • A large tray or recipient. This prevents messes by allowing the honey to flow into it while you cut the comb from the frame.
  • A paper towel to clean in between chunks (if you are going to make more than one jar of chunk honey)
  • Food-safe gloves – I recommend using gloves to prevent contamination as you will be touching the comb.

How to Make Chunk Honey: Step by Step

  1. Find an appropriate container for your final product. It is recommended to use a glass mason jar with a wide opening, so the insertion of the comb is easier.
  2. Make sure to handwash your jar with hot water and let it air dry by placing it upside down on a drying rack. Don’t use a cloth towel to dry it (especially the bottle’s interior) as there is a high chance fibers will stick inside the glass jar.
  3. Place the jar in the pot with hot water. The water should only cover the bottom.
  4. In the meantime, take the frame with the drawn comb and hold it upright – the way you would insert it into the super.
  5. Start cutting your portions of comb. Be mindful of the size as they have to fit in the jar. Also, note that thinner chunks can be harder to handle (and don’t look as nice), so try to find the sweet spot in between. 
  6. If you are preparing more than one jar of chunk honey, wipe the knife with your paper towel after cutting each chunk to remove any pieces of wax and honey. This will help you make cleaner cuts.
  7. Take the jar from the hot water, and insert the honeycomb in the right direction (see the reference photos below). The warm jar will melt the bottom of the honeycomb and stick to the glass. This will prevent the comb from floating after pouring the honey in. Pro tip: Before placing the comb inside, ensure the comb cells are angled upwards to prevent bubbles from getting trapped.
  8. Fill your jar with honey, and voilà. You have made chunk honey!

Note: It’s recommended to kill all wax moth eggs by freezing the honeycomb for at least two days. Depending on how much space you have in your freezer, you can either freeze the honeycomb when it’s on the frame or after you insert it into the jar and fill it with honey.

If you’re freezing the frames, you can follow the same process as when storing capped honey frames.

An upright piece of honeycomb with cells inside slightly angled upwards
This is the correct way to insert the honeycomb into the jar – with the cells slightly angled upwards.
An piece of honeycomb with cells inside slightly angled downwards
This is how not to insert the comb into the jar – the downward angle can trap bubbles.

Preparing Chunk Honey For A Honey Show

Making chunk honey for a contest entry can be different than the steps outlined above, as you’ll have to follow specific requirements to make a successful entry. 

Preparing chunk honey for a honey show entry can be challenging. I recommend you seek guidance from someone who has done this before – they would likely know the criteria used to judge your honey and can give you tips to increase your chances of success.

I found an example of a chunk honey judging score sheet to give you an idea of what to expect.


Chunk honey is a popular type of honey made by preserving a piece of raw honeycomb in liquid honey. 

The comb made up of beeswax consists of capped cells full of raw honey. Both the honey and the comb are edible. However, swallowing too much beeswax can obstruct the intestines. 

There are many ways to eat chunk honey- you can eat it straight from the jar or add it to your favorite food and drinks like hot tea, bread, oatmeal, or yogurt. 

Chunk honey is usually more expensive than regular honey because it takes more time and additional steps to make it. 

If you’re looking for a pure and natural form to enjoy honey, chunk honey is definitely worth checking out!

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