What Is Bee Space?

Bee space refers to the small gaps found within a beehive that allow bees to move around. Typically, bees will leave these spaces free of wax and propolis unless the gaps are too big or small. In a natural hive, bees leave spaces wide enough between sheets of the comb so they can move easily …

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Where Do Bees Live?

Honey bees live in beehives or nests depending on whether they are wild (or feral) or domesticated. Bees used for beekeeping usually live in beehives. By comparison, feral honey bees settle in places like hollow trees and rock crevices that provide cover from predators and weather elements. Do Bees Live In Hive Or Nests? Both. …

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Do Bees Sting For No Reason?

If you’ve been stung by a honey bee before, you’ve probably wondered why it happened. Did you get stung for a particular purpose, or was it an unprovoked attack? The truth is there was definitely a reason, even if you didn’t realize it at the time. Bees don’t sting people for no reason. They only …

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What Does A Queen Bee Do?

Queen bees are by far the most famous type of bees. You only have to look into pop culture to find endless references to them. But what do queen bees do? What makes them so important (and famous)? A Queen bee mates with drones and reproduces – that’s all she does! The primary responsibility of …

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Do Bees Have A Leader?

Most people know the queen is the most important honey bee inside the hive. She’s responsible for laying eggs and ensuring the population of the colony continues to grow. But is the queen bee the ruler of the hive? Do honey bees have a leader at all? No – honey bees don’t have a leader. …

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